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H.S.CODE: - Beans (Vigna spp., Phaseolus spp.): Other
Total number of companies: 14

 CompanyEmirateArea & DistrictLocation N/EPhoneE-mail  
Al Wadi al Akhdar SALMount LebanonZalka View Map 01/ Details
Alfa Interfood S.A.LBekaaMakseh View Map 08/; Details
Green Hill Factory s.a.l South LebanonGhazieh View Map 07/224520-03/ Details
Al-Rabih Sonaco s.a.r.lMount LebanonGhorfine View Map 09/620941-03/543737-09/623777-03/
Amaretti caffeMount LebanonHazmieh View Map 05/
Conserves Modernes Chtaura S.a.lBeirutHamra View Map 03/896092-01/350378-08/
Ets. Razzouk-HboubnaMount LebanonNabaa. View Map 01/240359-696636-03/
Froste For General Trading sarlBeirutBeirut central District View Map 01/
International Co. For Manufacturing Foods - IFCOBekaaKib Elias View Map 08/501194-03/
Magical Potato sarlMount LebanonBushrieh View Map 01/
Modern Jam CoMount LebanonSed el Bushrieh View Map 03/883045-01/
Mounir Bissat FactoriesSouth LebanonGhazieh View Map 07/221850-1-03/
Naas Food Company Mount LebanonBekfaya View Map 04/
Prince Company "Quality"North LebanonTourza View Map 03/303882-03/723733 
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